Monday, March 24, 2014

It's been a long long time.....

  First ride completed over 30mi since May 2011. Wow has it been that long since I've graced the roads of Lexington County with my presence.
New Years Day Ride 2009

Epic 24 22013
  My my where has the time gone? Well it's been a few years of trail running mostly. Looking forward to seeing more saddle time in 2014.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Harbison 50k Report

Yay finally made it back to the finish line of an Ultra distance trail race. The finish at the Harbison 50k this year ended a 2 year layoff. Finally over coming some iffy fitness and a reoccurring ankle issue.

50k PR 5:12
The course layout was two laps of 16ish miles. Including a portion of Lost Creek, X Connector, Stewardship, Midlands Mountain, Spider woman and The Bluffs trails. A good mix of many types of trails and very familiar trails to say the least.
My plan was to average a 10 min pace overall. Now the big question was to go out quick, build a bank on time then survive over the second half. Or go out with some sense and build over the second half. Luckily with this being a local course and knowledge of where the difficult sections will be was key. Plus the addition of having friends to run with.

So from the get go I paired with Rick for a an even pace run (option 2).  We kept each other in check. This was a critical point for me to keep in mind. With my longest run of 20 miles coming just two weeks prior to the event. I had some real concerns after the 3 hour point in the race.

First lap was steady. This would sum it up. Steady through the aid stations. Just keeping up with the calories and fluids. Knowing the 20 mile mark was lurking ahead. Steady through Spider Woman. Had to really hold back the excitement here. I slipped off the pace a bit but hovered just outside of my goal pace.

All is well? Yep! Onto the second lap. Still paired with Rick. We picked our way along. Passing a few runners here and there. Meeting folks from all over. Really cool to see where folks have traveled from to experience Harbison.

As we neared the exit of Lost Creek I mentioned to Rick that we had just passed the 20 mile mark. So from her on I was in uncharted waters. Not sure as to how I would hold up. Stayed the course on the overall plan. Luckily Rick is a seasoned vet at this distance and he took the lead from here on. The goals began to change a bit. Now I was just trying to run the Connector and Stewardship trails. Don't walk till the switchbacks. Goal accomplished. What a relief it was to walk a bit.  

I began to slow a bit from here. Spider Woman was up next. Managed to convince myself to run the downs and walk the ups. It seemed to work out well. for me. By the time I exited Spider Woman I had a little peep left to conquer the Bluffs in a similar fashion. Onto the final fire road sections I wanted to run the entire bit. Not an easy feat but the end was near and I really wanted to stick the goal. 

Finishing was the icing on the cake for me. To find Erin and Wesley waiting at the finish was such a treat. I know he will not remember it but I will never forget it. A mini milestone I guess.

2012 Review - Shocker

Hello all - Yes I am still here. With 2012 in the books, it's been a heck of a year. So I just wanted to document some stats from this past year. Ha the Garmin facts say it all. Seven trips out on the bike for the year 2012. That's right less than 100 miles on two wheels. Probably the first time in over a decade WOW! Shocker indeed, but there was more important things to attend to. 

2012 Outings, Dis,Time
Run - 163, 750.9mi, 117:45
Trail Run - 24, 234.1mi, 37:04
Bike - 7, 97.0mi, 8:20
Blog - 3

Run - 157, 972.7mi, 158:57
Trail Run - 39, 453.8mi, 77:35
Bike - 22, 411.4mi, 39:11
Blog - 6

Run - 176, 1212mi, 197:10
Trail Run - 66, 723.7mi, 122:10
Bike - 36, 780.16mi, 68:56
Blog - 14

Run - 126, 745.9mi, 114:43
Trail Run - 30, 305.3mi, 49:57
Bike - 18, 448.39mi, 30:57
Blog - 14

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Saluda Mountain Passage - Preview

Great news on the trail front for the state of SC. It seems the diligent folks at the Palmetto Conservation Foundation have been hard at work extending the Palmetto Trail in the upstate. The Saluda Mountain Passage is a 9.1 mile section starting at Orchard Lake Campground. It looks to be a continuation of the Blue Wall & Poinsett Reservoir Passage.  
Last fall I teamed up with some trail running buddies and explored the Blue Wall & Poinsett Reservoir Passages. The out and back combination made for an 18 mile journey through the leaf covered trails. Cool to have a trail system like such in place around the state. This combo could become an Ultra distance run in the future. Looking forward to exploring this section come fall.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Fall 2011 in Review

10/22/11 - Blue Wall Preserve, SC - Palmetto Trail Section
In a desperate attempt to get in some climbing prior to Shut-In. This trail was easy to get to from the Columbia area. So a group of Harbison Trail Runners loaded up and headed to the Tryon area of SC. Plan was to hook The Blue Wall and The Poinsett Passage Trail together for an out-back route. So you have a trail section on each end with a gravel road section in the middle. Made fro a great 20mi trail run warm up for Shut-In. There will most certainly be a return trip in 2012.

11/05/11 - Shut-In Ridge Trail Race, Bridge Parkway NC

Felt ok just not great for a PR attempt. Started out in the top 25. Rolled an ankle 6 miles into race. Collected my thoughts and emotions to carry on. After failed attempts to run on. Watching over 100 runners go by. I had to hobble/shuffle 6 miles to Bent Creek AS. At this time minutes in front of the sweep I had to pull the plug and drop here.

Group Shot of Harbison Trail Runners
Injured and crippled

11/30/12 - DNR Heritage Preserve, Calhoun County

A quick 3mi rehab jog/walk on a trail I've been eying for a while. Trail is short with a lot of fire break style. Some lush bits with very little traffic. Not a wise trail choice in the summer or hunting season.

Panorama View from observation deck

12/17/12 - Trip to the ER.

Who gets injured feeding the dogs? Well me of course.
Eight stitches to close my index finger on a Friday evening.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Blog Reconnect

Wow it's been over 6 months now since my last post. The time has been spent recovering from injury, burnout and the birth of our son Wesley (1/13). So far this new year has been great. Hoping once the feed/sleep routine is established a fitness schedule will revive itself. Till then.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Palmetto Trail: Peak To Pomaria Passage

Long over due, I made it out to a section of the Palmetto Trail. The Peak to Pomaria Passage to be exact. To be correct it's the Peak to Prosperity Passage. As of now only phase 1 is completed. So the plan was to run an out-n-back along the 6.5mi route. The trail is 90% shaded with exception to a noon days sun. With a 2% maximum grade, one way up and the other down. The run started at the Alston TH. The route is up to Pomaria (:59) then turn around for the return trip down to Peak (:57). Overall it was a peaceful run. Plenty of spiderwebs and the the rail ballast is the major challenge. This route would be a great option for a MTB route in the future. Combined with some local dirt/gravel sections. So if you are local and looking for something different check it out.

Alson Trail Head Welcome Signage

Warning Signage, you should know where you are!

Converted Rail Trestle
Trestle View From Broad River

1 of 6 Board Walks

Typical Rail Trail

Typical Rail Ballast

Friday, July 01, 2011

Falling ......

Out of shape that is. It's been a tough challenge to regain some form of fitness in this heat. You all know this. Nothing super interesting to talk about. Just wanted to post a few pics.